Jadrová a vyraďovacia spoločnosťSkupina ČEZ


Company’s logotype

The logotype of Jadrová energetická spoločnosť Slovenska, a.s. consists of typographical and image parts which create a compact entity.

The central motif is created by a stylized and at first sight floral motif whose "stem" creates a division line between the two contrasting typographical segments.

In fact, it presents an imaginary flower created by a spatially deformed scheme of an atomic nucleus. Thus, the image element of the logotype expresses exactly two main messages of the company: focusing on nuclear energy and an ecological, nature friendly, context.


Logotype full version

LOGO_JESS_FULL_CMYK.pdf (PDF format, 247 kB)

LOGO_JESS_FULL_RGB.jpg (JPEG format, 530 kB)


Logotype minimized version

LOGO_JESS_MIN_CMYK.pdf (PDF format, 76 kB)

JESS logotype – colour model

farebnica_jess.pdf (PDF format, 160 kB)