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7) Where will the proposed activity be located?

The extent of the areas for location of all components of the proposed activity is specified conservatively in the REPORT (by maximal possible scope) and the real scope will be rather smaller. The proposed activity will be situated in the area immediately connected with the existing site of the nuclear facilities Jaslovské Bohunice. The released areas of this site will be partially exploited as well.

The area of the location and construction of the new nuclear power plant respects the border line specified in the proposal of the Land Use Planning Documentation of Trnava Self-Governing Region and it concerns the cadastral area of the municipalities Jaslovské Bohunice, Radošovce, Ratkovce, Pečeňady and Veľké Kostoľany.

In principle, the corridors of the related infrastructure (electric power and water management interconnection) will respect the routes of the existing infrastructure of nuclear facilities in the Jaslovské Bohunice site and in the cadastral area of the municipalities Jaslovské Bohunice, Ratkovce, Červeník, Madunice, Pečeňady, Veľké Kostoľany, Dubovany, Drahovce and Piešťany.