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5) What is the selected methodic approach to the environmental impact assessment? What is the envelope method?

The basic methodic approach in the area of the environmental impact assessment and in the area of the nuclear energy sector is the focus on assessment safety. The elaboration of the PRELIMINARY REPORT and subsequently of the ASSESSMENT REPORT of the proposed activity is subordinated thoroughly to the conservative approach. Any possible environmental impacts of the new nuclear power plant are assessed from the point of view of the most unfavorable parameters. This enables to assure that the assessment processes will affect all impacts of the proposed activity at their potential maximum.

In the practice the application of the conservative approach, e.g. from the point of view of environmental parameters selection, means that from the parameters of the equipment of all potential suppliers those least favorable parameters will be selected (e.g. the highest consumption of water; the largest radioactive releases; the largest dimension for the assessment of the impact to the countryside etc.). Within the frame of the conservative approach the selected data are subsequently rounded upwards. As a result there is the Plant Parameters Envelope developed by described method and subsequently it is used for the impact assessment. In this way the assessment results include a reserve for all equipment of potential suppliers.