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4) What is the EIA REPORT and what is the purpose of it?

The EIA REPORT is a detailed searching document containing the detailed assessment of the impacts of the new nuclear power plant to individual components of the environment and to the health of the population on the basis of the performed detailed analyzes. The content and the structure of the ASSESSMENT REPORT of the proposed activity is defined in the Attachment No. 11 of the Act No. 24/2006 Coll.

The EIA REPORT describes in details data on the proposed activity. Furthermore, it specifies in more details the direct impacts of the activity to the environment including health. This includes e.g. the requirements for inputs (such as land occupation; water consumption; consumption of raw materials; requirements to transport, infrastructure and manpower) and data on outputs (pollution of atmosphere; waste water; wastes, noise; radiation and other physical fields, odor and other outputs and complementary information). 

The EIA REPORT assesses the environmental impacts via comparison of the existing status and the assessment of the supposed impacts. That includes the following assessed areas: population, atmosphere and climate, noise, ionizing radiation and other physical or biologic agents, surface water and groundwater, rock environment and natural resources; fauna, flora and ecosystems, countryside, fixed assets, cultural heritage, transport and other infrastructure and hazards and accidents. After the complex assessment of the contemporary environmental status the assessment of the supposed impacts of the proposed activity to the environment including human health and estimation of their significance will be started. Following impacts are to be considered: direct, indirect, secondary, cumulative (cumulative with existing facilities on the site), synergic, short-term and temporary, long-term and permanent as well as those induced during the erection and realization works. The Report also specifies the proposed measures and monitoring and the proposal of the inspection of fulfilling the specified conditions.

The EIA REPORT was transmitted to the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic on 25th of August 2015 and is published on the web portal of the Ministry of Environment. At the same time the concerned municipalities publish the report in a usual manner (internet portal of the municipality, public notice board etc.). Any standpoint to the REPORT may be submitted in written within 30 days from the publishing.

Following the EIA REPORT the public hearing of the proposed activity will be organized at the level of concerned municipalities including the international consultation and hearings.