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11) What is the actual status of the environment in the proposed region?

The proposed activity is located in the area related to the existing site of the nuclear facilities Jaslovské Bohunice. The population density in the concerned area is not high. The relation of the built-up residential area (towns and villages) has been consolidated for a long time and the distance of the built-up area from the site of nuclear facilities or from the area for siting of the new nuclear power plant is sufficient. The air quality is satisfactory. No overpassing of the legislative limits is indicated in the concerned area. The noise situation is given by overlapping of noise from various activities (transport, industry, agriculture) adequately to the character of the landscape. The dominant noise source is the road transport in the built-up area of the villages. The site of the nuclear facilities, regarding more than satisfactory distance, has no acoustically significant impact here.

From the point of view of natural sciences, the concerned area is mainly characterized by areas of the agricultural activity poor in species with the shrub and tree herbage islands between the areas of the agricultural land which are predominantly made up of by the line accompaniments of watercourses and roads. The area for the siting of the proposed activity is created partially by mentioned poor in species agricultural system and partially by the industrial areas in the connection to existing power plant site. The same applies to other components of the activity, especially water management and power corridors.

The site does not affect any protected areas either at national or at European level (protected landscape area; national park; protected area; natural reservation; natural heritage; protected landscape element; area of the European importance; protected bird area). The site does not affect any elements of the nature protection (protected trees; protected landscape elements; marshlands; biosphere reservation and locality of the world cultural or natural heritage UNESCO).