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14) What are the guaranties of the new generations reactors?

The reactors of the generation III and III+ are safer than the reactors of the previous generations. The development of new reactors was motivated by the effort to improve the operational and reliability parameters of the reactors of category II and, at the same time to continue in the improvement of the safety characteristics. The license holder is responsible for the nuclear safety in the relevant nuclear facility - it means the operator of the relevant nuclear facility. The regulatory authority in the area of the nuclear safety in the territory of Slovak Republic is Úrad jadrového dozoru (ÚJD SR = Nuclear Regulatory Authority of SR). The authority controls whether all activities of the license holders are in accordance with the rules of the provision of nuclear safety. The UJD SR provides the supervision of the nuclear safety in the nuclear facilities in order to assure that the nuclear energy in Slovak Republic is used safely and to avoid public health risk, property damage and environmental risks. 

The basic safety characteristics of the reactors of generation III and III+ in relation to the previous generations: