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13) What are the anticipated impacts to the environment and to the public health?

The assessment of the anticipated impacts of the new nuclear power plant to the environment and to the public health is a part of the prepared report. The support study “The assessment of health risks and the impact of the project to public health” was elaborated as the base document for the REPORT. For assessment of the actual status of public health in the surrounding area of the nuclear facility Jaslovské Bohunice, 27 indicators were selected. These indicators in the complex view describe the condition of the population from several points of view. All health indicators are assessed during different time period of the years 1993 to 2012. No negative impact of the nuclear facilities on the health conditions of the population (in comparison with the similar sites in more distant areas that could not be impacted by any nuclear facility) was identified in any of those 27 indicators.

Significant impacts on flora and fauna are not anticipated with respect to the actual status of the territory. The areas affected by the construction do not interfere directly to any area of the national or European system of protected areas or elements of the landscape system of ecological stability.

The noise impact is to be supposed predominantly at the local level (inside the power plant site or in its nearest surrounding). The operated structures of the new nuclear plant will be located in such distance that the noise impacts for the nearest or the most affected built-up area are possible to be solved satisfactorily. In relation to the increase of the transport intensity, the acoustically non-significant increase of the noise level is anticipated in most of the cases. The noise increase in the most affected area is at maximum by 2dB. In case that such situation is identified by the proposed monitoring, the owner of the communication is able to take several measures for decreasing the noise load (e.g. measures in the traffic organization, speed limitation for vehicles, exchange of the road surface, exchange of windows in affected structures etc.

The new nuclear power plant will not be a significant source of atmosphere polluting substances. No green-house gases are discharged into atmosphere during the operation of nuclear power plants. With regard to the imission load level in this region, it is possible to calculate that the stationary sources of the pollution including the evoked car transportation, will not significantly change the load of the region. Reliable fulfillment of all imission limits for all monitored pollutants is expected. With regard to the operation of the power plant, the nuclear energy belongs to almost zero producer of the green-house gases.

As it is clearly shown by the assessment of radiological impacts at the cumulative effect of the new nuclear power plant and the existing facilities, the risk of the health detriment is very low, insignificant in comparison with the natural background and, it complies with the strictest internationally recognized criteria. This fact is confirmed by assessment of health condition of the population in the concerned area. The health condition of the population is after almost 50-year operation equal or better in comparison to regions geographically, socially and economically similar regions with no nuclear facilities as well as in the comparison to the national average of the Slovak Republic.

The realization of the NJZ project will have a positive impact from the point of view of local, regional and national economy and employment. It will help to economy development of the whole region. The anticipated increased creation of the social product creates the presumption of the improvement of the prosperity in the concerned area.