Jadrová a vyraďovacia spoločnosťSkupina ČEZ

Actual state

The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic has issued the Final Statement for Jadrová energetická spoločnosť Slovenska, a. s. (JESS) for the project of the New Nuclear Power Plant (NNPP) in Jaslovské Bohunice site in which it has recommended implementation of the proposed activity in terms of its environmental impact.

The Final Statement has been issued based on the results of the assessment process, the evaluation of opinions of concerned subjects, the public, stakeholders, and based on providing complementary information by the company JESS. Also it takes into account the information provided in the Environmental Impact Assessment Report on the Proposed Activity which was submitted by the company JESS to the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic in August 2015. With issuing the Final Statement by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic one of the first important milestones of the project, i. e. the Environmental Impact Assessment process (EIA) launched in 2013, has been completed.

The Statement recommends implementing the variant of the proposed activity as it was stated in the assessment report. It recommends the variant of the construction and operation of the NNPP with one reactor unit, a pressurized water reactor of generation III+, with net installed electrical power of up to 1,700 MWe and related facilities. Estimated designed lifetime of the plant is 60 years. Part of the Final Statement is also a summary of conditions and measures that shall be considered in the next stages of the project.

The project of the NNPP is now in about half of the preparation stage, which should be completed by selection of a particular supplier, including appropriate investment and financial model.